2013 Beyond the Badge Award Recipient Choosen Posted in News on Thursday, October 3rd, 2013

The Foundation is pleased to announce that the 2013 Officer David M. Petzold Award for Outstanding Community Service will be presented to Patricia Mullin. Patricia is the Co-Founder of Camelot for Children located in Allentown PA. Founded in 1987, Camelot has provided a gathering place for terminally and chronically ill children, their families and friends to share happy moments, knowing they are not alone in their suffering. The children will gather to talk, to pick flowers, to bake cookies, to play games and, in general, to share both their good days and their difficult days with others who are in the same situation. Patricia continues to be described as the “heartbeat” of the organization. Camelot House is a refuge from what can sometimes be a very lonely world for special children and their families.

It is the hope and mission of the founders and current staff and volunteers that when children are at Camelot House they can forget, just for a little while, that they are sick or different from others.

Camelot House is staffed and run by a Board of Directors and also employs a Junior Board of Directors that is made up of 2 students from each of the area high school totaling 24 members. The energetic group of students meets monthly to develop themes for parties and then recruits fellow classmates to volunteer with the planning and execution of the events.

Patricia and Camelot house work to model the purpose of the Petzold Foundation by mentoring relationships between positive adult role models and children, preparing them for responsible citizenship.

Please join us on November 9th at the Beyond the Badge Gala to celebrate Patricia Mullin and the work of Camelot for Children.

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