Officer Dave

daddy2Officer Dave became an Upper Saucon Township Police Officer in October of 1996.  He served as a Patrol Officer of the close Upper Saucon community and became an active member of both the Fraternal Order of Police and the Upper Saucon Police Officers Association.  For several years, Officer Dave enjoyed being a D.A.R.E Officer and loved interacting with all of the local children and parents.  In striving to break new ground for others in his department, he became Upper Saucon’s first Detective in 2001.  He loved the investigative work which used the mind as well as well as the body.

 In May of 2005, Officer Dave left the Upper Saucon Township Police Department to join the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  He graduated from the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia in September and served as a Special Agent assigned to the Newark, New Jersey office.  Officer Dave resigned from the FBI to re-join the Upper Saucon Township Police Department in April of 2006.

In the early morning hours of Thursday, November 9, 2006, Officer Dave was preparing to end his tour of duty, when he located a struck deer lying in the left lane of Route 309 causing a traffic hazard.  While attempting to remove the deer from the roadway, Officer Dave was struck and killed by an oncoming vehicle.

Officer Dave died as he lived, trying to protect and serve the community.  Officer Dave was a family mandaddy4-all

he was a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a best friend, a helpful neighbor to those in the community and a friend to the township people.  He had been a patrolman, a DARE Officer, an Investigator and an FBI Special Agent, but simply he was a human being trying his best to make a difference.  

Officer Dave was a good, decent and kind family and community man.  He embodied the words diligent, honest, compassionate and loyal.  It is due to his absence, that this foundation made up of family, friends and community members far and wide, has been established.  To make up where he left off and continue to make a difference in a special community that Officer Dave knew and loved.

Thank you to all of you who reach out and strive to make a difference.  logoclear2

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